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Spark Connect

Spark Connect was released in Apache Spark 3.4.0 to enable a decoupled client-server architecture that allows remote connectivity to Spark clusters using the Spark DataFrame API.

This means any Spark cluster could provide compute to a spark job and therefore enables options such as Spark on Kubernetes, Spark running locally or Databricks Interactive Clusters to be leveraged in the RTDIP SDK to perform time series queries.


Please ensure that you have followed the instructions to enable Spark Connect on your Spark cluster and that you are using a pyspark>=3.4.0. If you are connecting to Databricks, then install databricks-connect>=13.0.1 instead of pyspark.


Below is an example of connecting to Spark using Spark Connect.

from rtdip_sdk.connectors import SparkConnection

spark_server = ""
access_token = "my_token"

spark_remote = "sc://{}:443;token={}".format(spark_server, access_token)
connection = SparkConnection(spark_remote=spark_remote)

Replace the access_token with your own information(this assumes an access token is required to authenticate with the remote Spark server).