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Getting started with the RTDIP SDK

This article provides a guide on how to install the RTDIP SDK. Get started by ensuring you have all the prerequisites before following the simple installation steps.


There are a few things to note before using the RTDIP SDK. The following prerequisites will need to be installed on your local machine.

  • Python version 3.8 >=, < 4.0 should be installed. Check which python version you have with the following command:

    python --version

    Find the latest python version here and ensure your python path is set up correctly on your machine.

  • Ensure your pip python version matches the python version on your machine. Check which version of pip you have installed with the following command:

    pip --version

    There are two ways to ensure you have the correct versions installed. Either upgrade your Python and pip install or create an environment.

    Option 1: To upgrade your version of pip use the following command:

    python -m pip install --upgrade pip


    Option 2: To create an environment, you will need to create a environment.yml file with the following:

        name: rtdip-sdk
        - conda-forge
        - defaults
        - python==3.11
        - pip==22.0.2
        - pip:
            - rtdip-sdk

    Run the following command:

    conda env create -f environment.yml

    To update an environment previously created:

    conda env update -f environment.yml
  • To use pyodbc or turbodbc python libraries, ensure that the required ODBC driver is installed as per these instructions

  • If you plan to use pyodbc, Microsoft Visual C++ 14.0 or greater is required. Get it from Microsoft C++ Build Tools

  • To use turbodbc python library, ensure that Boost is installed correctly.

Installing the RTDIP SDK

RTDIP SDK is a PyPi package that can be found here. On this page you can find the project description, release history, statistics, project links and maintainers.

1. To install the latest released version of RTDIP SDK from PyPi use the following command:

pip install rtdip-sdk

If you have previously installed the RTDIP SDK and would like the latest version, see below.

pip install rtdip-sdk --upgrade

2. Once the installation is complete you can learn how to use the SDK here.


If you are having trouble installing the SDK, ensure you have installed all of the prerequisites. If problems persist please see Troubleshooting for more information. Please also reach out to the RTDIP team via Issues, we are always looking to improve the SDK and value your input.