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Databricks supports authentication using Personal Access Tokens (PAT) and information about this authentication method is available here.


To generate a Databricks PAT Token, follow this guide and ensure that the token is stored securely and is never used directly in code.

Your Databricks PAT Token can be used in the RTDIP SDK to authenticate with any Databricks Workspace or Databricks SQL Warehouse and simply provided in the access_token fields where tokens are required in the RTDIP SDK.


Below is an example of using a Databricks PAT Token for authenticating with a Databricks SQL Warehouse.

from rtdip_sdk.connectors import DatabricksSQLConnection

server_hostname = "server_hostname"
http_path = "http_path"
access_token = "dbapi......."

connection = DatabricksSQLConnection(server_hostname, http_path, access_token)

Replace server_hostname, http_path with your own information and specify your Databricks PAT token for the access_token.