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Metadata queries provide contextual information for time series measurements and include information such as names, descriptions and units of measure.


Ensure you have installed the RTDIP SDK as specified in the Getting Started section.

This example is using DefaultAuth() and DatabricksSQLConnection() to authenticate and connect. You can find other ways to authenticate here. The alternative built in connection methods are either by PYODBCSQLConnection(), TURBODBCSQLConnection() or SparkConnection().


Name Type Description
business_unit str Business unit
region str Region
asset str Asset
data_security_level str Level of data security
tag_names (optional, list) Either pass a list of tagname/tagnames ["tag_1", "tag_2"] or leave the list blank [] or leave the parameter out completely


from import DefaultAuth
from rtdip_sdk.connectors import DatabricksSQLConnection
from rtdip_sdk.queries import metadata

auth = DefaultAuth().authenticate()
token = auth.get_token("2ff814a6-3304-4ab8-85cb-cd0e6f879c1d/.default").token
connection = DatabricksSQLConnection("{server_hostname}", "{http_path}", token)

parameters = {
    "business_unit": "{business_unit}",
    "region": "{region}", 
    "asset": "{asset_name}", 
    "data_security_level": "{security_level}", 
    "tag_names": ["{tag_name_1}", "{tag_name_2}"],
x = metadata.get(connection, parameters)